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They should be arriving soon...
Published on April 14, 2009 By MeliBee In Demigod Journals

Post a comment to this article when you receive your Demigod preorder in the mail.  Those who preordered the game before the last beta closed on February 26th will get their copies first.  Any orders placed after that were just charged over the weekend and are still in the shipping process, so please hold tight for those.  You can download while you wait!

We use USPS Priority Mail for orders being shipped to a location in the US, which usually takes 3-5 business days.  For orders going outside of the US, we use International First Class mail, which takes 1-3 weeks.

If people in your area seem to be receiving their games but you aren't, you might want to check if your package is being held at your local post office.  We sometimes receive returned packages marked "unclaimed" by the postal service.

Happy downloading!

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on Apr 14, 2009

Package recieved. Thank you     

on Apr 15, 2009

I got screwed by the preordering system

I had ordered on the 31st of march and the money was deducted from my account almost instantaneously. People on the forum say that it is the bank putting the money on hold. On the night the game was releasing I got a mail saying the transaction has been declined. Now I visited the bank and the manager says that th transaction was successfully completed and the money has been taken out from the account. He even showed me the transaction status as successfull on his *wooden* pc.


Now am left jumping between sending mail to stardock and the bank support to figure out where the @#@$ my money went and when I will be finally able to get my hands on the game. If the money would have been taken when I preordered itself I wouldn't have minded as it already was shown as deducted from my account. If it had returned if the transaction failed, it again would have been some consolidation so I could have ordered fresh and this time hopefully the transaction would have been finished in one go.... Seems am stuck with little or no options but to just sit and burn in agony at not being able to play even after pre-ordering and not knowing where my money went

on Apr 15, 2009

RallyHeart, send an email to and we'll figure out exactly what happened.

Goelm, glad to hear that your package arrived the day of release!  Anyone else out there get their package yet?  Please let us know what area of the country you're in, don't have to get too specific, a state will do.

I will be interested to find out when our international customers begin receiving their boxes.

on Apr 15, 2009

Just received my package. Very sweet little figurine. Are they all Rooks, or did I just get lucky?

Pleasure doing business with you Stardock.

on Apr 15, 2009

Sorry to double post, just saw that you wanted to know region as well. I am in Illinois.

on Apr 15, 2009

State college PA, recieved.

on Apr 15, 2009

Are they all Rooks, or did I just get lucky?
They are all rooks AND you got lucky!

on Apr 15, 2009

Just got mine in Maine.


on Apr 15, 2009

*rubbing hands together*

The company that does the shipping for us is located in southern Ohio, so it will be good to find out when people on the west coast start getting their packages.

The Rook figure is really fun.  Anyone going to paint them?

on Apr 15, 2009

I'm going to paint my Rook when I get him.


WHEN I'm going to do that, I'm not sure, I still have:

6 Tau Stealth Suits

26 Lizardman Skinks

1 Oger

2 Cat things

1 Dragon

1 Manticore

10 Skelletons

in my painting queue.

on Apr 15, 2009

Received mine TODAY!!!  Rochester, NY.


The box is absolutely gorgeous!!!  Love the poster, a truly great Collector's Edition.

on Apr 15, 2009

State college PA, recieved.


Love your avatar.  LOL.

on Apr 15, 2009

Postman just dropped mine off.

Las Cruces, NM

on Apr 15, 2009

Athens, AL.

Package received.  Rook statue being put to use scaring off army of sugar ants that have invaded my computer desk.

on Apr 15, 2009

Still didn't get mine yet. In CT. Preordered in September. Hopefully tomorrow.


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